Monday, April 21, 2014

Crowdfunding on ROI's Indiegogo Partner Page

Discover great initiatives to support on the ROI Indiegogo Partner Page!
ROI members, start fundraising for your initiatives through crowdfunding!

Have you heard of Indiegogo? Indiegogo is an international crowdfuding platform that empowers anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything. Since 2008, Indiegogo has enabled people to launch campaigns in nearly 200 countries across the world in areas spanning creative, cause and entrepreneurial projects. For more information, visit and follow at and Learn more about this platform directly from Indiegogo's co-founder:

ROI Community was the first Jewish organization to launch an Indiegogo Partner Page – that's exciting stuff! Visit ROI Community’s Partner Page now and support one of the live campaigns!

ROI members: If you’re interested in the raising and pooling of funds from people who share passion for your idea, read on and learn the terms and benefits of joining our Partner Page plus follow the practical steps to create an Indiegogo account and campaign.

A/ How can ROI's Indiegogo Partner Page benefit you, as an ROI member? (CLICK HERE)

B/ Matching checklist: If you are able to answer YES to all of these questions, your campaign is entitled to receive matching: (CLICK HERE)

  1. Read Indiegogo's Introduction to Crowdfunding and Tips for Campaign Success;
  2. Figure out what your fundraising goal is. NOTE: If you’ve been approved for ROI matching funds, your goal should take the matching into account, for example, if you believe you can raise $3000 and you’ve been approved for matching, your goal should be $6,000; and
  3. Decide whether a fixed or flexible funding model is best for your campaign. We highly recommend sticking with a flexible model, read more below.
  4. GET STARTED! Make sure you sign up for Indiegogo and then CREATE A NEW INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN using our unique URL:
**Already have a LINK TO AN EXISTING CAMPAIGN? Email Renana ( with the link to your campaign and ask for it to be linked to the ROI Partner Page.

Important condition for maintaining campaign presence on the ROI Partner Page: While the ROI network can be used to help you leverage your campaign's exposure, please be mindful not to use ROIer communication platforms to solicit funding from fellow members! We don't want ROIers to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by campaigns. Such forums include the ROI Community Google Group ('listserv'), ROI's Facebook groups, Twitter, etc. ROIer-led campaigns must strictly adhere to and respect this restriction.

Click here for a list of campaign tips courtesy of ROI