Friday, March 06, 2015

Crowdfunding on ROI's Indiegogo Partner Page

ROI members, start fundraising for your initiatives through crowdfunding!

Are you interested in raising and pooling funds from people who share passion for your idea? Have you heard of Indiegogo? Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding platform that empowers anyone, anywhere to raise money – for anything. To learn more about this platform directly from Indiegogo's co-founder, click here.

You are all creative thinkers and doers – so we’ve created a dedicated ROI-Indiegogo Partner Page just for you!

Crowdfunding campaigns run by ROIers can be featured on the ROI Partner Page and receive discounted platform fees. In addition, the Schusterman Family Foundation offers matching to ROIer-led campaigns that align with the Schusterman values, are suited for a crowdfunding model and have realistic monetary goals. At present, matching has been suspended due to changes on Indiegogo's platform for processing such. This page will be updated with information on matching once its up and running. 

What are the Schusterman values?
  1. Dedication to a safe and strong Israel
  2. Profound devotion to Judaism, the Jewish people and a global, vibrant Jewish community
  3. Commitment to service and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)
  4. Belief in forging communities rooted in inclusion, equality and diversity

Does your project fall into one or more of these four categories? Read on to learn more about how to apply for these ROI-exclusive benefits!

How can ROI’s Indiegogo Partner Page benefit you, as an ROI member?

  1. Discounted platform fees. All campaigns featured on our Partner Page receive a discount on Indiegogo fees. Under the flexible funding model, campaigns that reach their goal pay a 3% platform fee (as opposed to 4%), and campaigns that fail to reach their goal pay a 6.75% platform fee (as opposed to 9%).
  2. Schusterman matching. The Schusterman Family Foundation will match select campaigns that align with or support the Foundation’s values (above), are suited for a crowdfundng model and have realistic monetary goals. These campaigns will be matched up to a maximum of $5000. Money received from the Foundation through other Schusterman programs or benefits (e.g. Micro Grants) for the same project will be taken into consideration when determining matching amounts as well.
  3. Crowdfunding coaching. One on one coaching with Indiegogo staff is available to help campaign owners create a successful campaign strategy. We have found the coaching to be extremely beneficial in helping campaigns reach their goals.

How do I apply for the ROI Partner Page and potential matching?

To apply, please complete this form: Approvals can take up to 10 days.
Important notes:

While the ROI network can be used to help you leverage your campaign's exposure, please be mindful not to use ROIer communication platforms to solicit funding from fellow members! We don't want ROIers to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by campaigns. Such forums include the ROI Community Google Group ('listserv'), ROI's Facebook groups, Twitter, etc. ROIer-led campaigns must strictly adhere to and respect this restriction.

Indiegogo campaigns that are inappropriate, mean-spirited, offensive or political in nature will not be approved for ROI’s Indiegogo Partner Page. This will be determined by ROI at our sole discretion.