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Submit a Proposal for Programs at Tribefest (New Orleans, Louisiana)


The Jewish Federations of North America
March 16-18, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
Sheraton New Orleans


The Jewish Federations of North America is currently seeking proposals for programs at TribeFest, taking place in New Orleans March 16-18, 2014. The TribeFest program is built through this proposal submission process, which is intended to put the planning of a creative, cooperative event in the hands of the greater Jewish community. Please read the following overview of information before submitting a proposal to TribeFest.

TribeFest is expected to attract over 1500 participants. The audience will be a diverse mix of young adults between the ages 22 and 45 from across North America.

Be a part of TribeFest

All submissions to the TribeFest Request for Proposal (RFP) must fit into at least one of the identified Areas of Focus (see below) to be considered. Proposals not clearly fitting into an AREA OF FOCUS will not be reviewed by the committee.

Please join us by sharing innovative and interactive program ideas that showcase the variety and quality of opportunities for Jewish young adults. We welcome all ideas from the many organizations and innovators with great ideas within our Jewish community. Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, are affiliated or independent, we want to hear from you.

This is a unique opportunity granting individuals and organizations a chance to have a tangible impact in North American Jewish life. Accepted RFP sessions will allow those who have submitted the exclusive rights to send their message to a mass of interested, inspired young Jews. These participants represent over 80 local communities across North America who will be looking for new ideas to bring home.

As TribeFest 2011 and TribeFest 2012 have shown, TribeFest showcases established leaders and up-and-coming innovators; your program will be in great company, and will ensure your role as one to watch or continue to listen to.


Please Note: The RFP process is a way for TribeFest attendees and registrants to be an active part in developing the program. Accepted submissions will require independent registration and payment for all individuals involved.

Promotional Opportunities Granted by TribeFest Upon Acceptance

  • Logo and link on
  • Picture and bio for all speakers/ presenters in program book, on, and in any other appropriate TribeFest materials
  • Organizational blurbs and contact information included in Federation Young Adult Professionals follow-up handbook
  • Cross promotional mentions via social media

Submit a Proposal

Proposals can only be submitted online. We cannot accept proposals via fax or email. Please read the Terms and Conditions for submitting a proposal and the FAQ, prior to submitting your proposal.

JFNA encourages all organizations and individuals with ideas to submit a proposal. Everyone is eligible.

The deadline for submission is JULY 15, 2013 11:59PM PST.

You may submit multiple proposals.

We will not accept proposals for sales or marketing presentations. 

Materials must be original or references cited.

All proposals are reviewed by the TribeFest committee and the JFNA TribeFest professional team. The TribeFest Committee reserves the right to propose changes in submissions, including mixing and matching speakers and topics in the effort to build the strongest conference agenda.

Proposals must fit into one of ten Areas of Focus. Proposals not fitting into one of these thematic categories will not be considered by the selection committee.


  1. Social Justice and Global Responsibility
    Potential topics:
    • Jewish service/service learning
    • Ethical decision-making
    • Environmentalism
    • Global nature of our Jewish community
    • Non-sectarian work of the Jewish community and the role of social justice
  2. Culture and the Arts
    Potential topics:
    • Judaism and pop culture
    • Innovative projects and organizations related to the arts
    • Contemporary Jewish music, film, art, etc. 
  3. Israel and the Middle East
    Potential topics:
    • Up-to-the-minute update on what is going on politically and geographically
    • Politics: Middle East, Israel, US, Canada
    • Coexistence and partnership
    • Israel and Middle Eastern cutlure
  4. Global Jewish Life
    Potential Topics:
    • Programs and projects contributing to vibrant Jewish life
    • Jewish culture around the world
    • Innovation overseas
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Potential Topics:
    • The Jewish field of startups
    • Successful startup models
    • Resources and skills for up-and-coming Jewish entrepreneurs
    • Scaling and sustaining startups
  6. Faith and Spirituality
    Potential Topics:
    • Jewish learning
    • Jewish meditation
    • Prayer and song
    • New models of spiritual communities
  7. Diversity and Inclusion
    Potential Topics:
    • Celebrating diversity in the Jewish community: LGBTQ Jews, Jews of color, Sephardi Jews, interfaith families, Jews with disabilities, etc. 
    • How communities can become more welcoming
    • Outstanding models of inclusion
  8. Health and Wellness
    Potential Topics:
    • Innovations in Jewish food/culinary contributions
    • Jewish food culture
    • Connection between Judaism and health and wellness
  9. Technology and Business
    Potential Topics:
    • Lessons from Jewish business and technology leaders
    • Jewish values in business
    • Building philanthropy in the business and tech world
  10. Hot Topics
    Potential Topics:
    • Philanthropy and giving
    • Dating and marriage
    • Parenting and family life
    • Social Media
    • Jobs, careers and networking

All sections of the proposal must be filled out. A proposal will not be considered by the selection committee if it is not complete. The sections of the proposal are:

  • Contact Information
  • Organizational Partners
  • Areas of Focus
  • Proposed Session Title
  • Proposed Session Description
  • Session Objectives/Learning Goals
  • Interactivity
  • Session Takeaways
  • Session Format
  • Proposed Speakers/Presenters

If you are submitting a proposal with another organizational partner, or individual, please submit only one version of that proposal.


All proposals are due no later than 11:59 PM PST, JULY 15, 2013.


Receipt of proposals will be confirmed by written email notice after they are received. Program organizers will be informed as soon as selections are made, but no later than September 3, 2013.


We expect that this RFP process will result in four to five times as many proposals as we have space available on the conference agenda. Due to the limited number of presentation times and space, we will not be able to accommodate many of the proposals submitted.


For additional information about submitting a proposal, please review the FAQ.


You may save your proposal and come back to it within ONE WEEK of saving your work. In order to save your work you must complete the Contact Information section below first. Click the link "Save Answers and Resume Later" at the bottom of the page. When you save your work you will receive an email with a LINK that will lead you back to your proposal.

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