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Tera (Nova Jade) Greene

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Tera (Nova Jade)
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Tera "Nova Jade* Greene

"Start with Action. End with Action" is the motto she lives by.

Tera (pronounced Teer-uh) lives in an action-oriented world that is filled with creativity, activism and entrepreneurial ventures.  A bonafied chameleon, she naturally and effortlessly approaches life in a balanced way, navigating and flowing within the mainstream and independent landscapes of society. Whether she is rocking on stage as a vocalist, getting people to dance to her DJ sets, hosting food justice matinees or lobbying in the senate for lgbtq youth, Ms. Greene lives life fully, making an impact locally while always being rooted in a "global community" outlook.

Many people use the word “enigma” to describe Tera "Nova Jade* Greene since one never knows where she'll pop up or what life experience story she will share next!

As an award-winning DJ and film producer, music specialist and entertainment expert, Tera’s career highlights include: showcasing original music at [Inside] The Ford in Hollywood, CA, opening for Grammy-nominated artist, Kelis, and having her film, Queerer Than Thou, screen at over 50 major film festivals on five continents, including the UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in Mumbai.  She has over 20 years of music performance experience, which includes production, composition and in-school music education appearances for middle school youth. As a writer/producer/actor, Tera has twice been a participant of the Fusion: Access LA Workshop, a project of Outfest film festival in collaboration with NBCUniversal. She is a graduate of the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA.

Fusing her arts into her Jewish leadership, Ms. Greene is a ROI participant with a connection to a list of great Jewish organizations, many of which engage young adults.  She has been a contributing writer for the Jewish Journal's historic LGBTQ blog, Oy Gay, since 2010 and blogged an entry that was the highest ranking post on the entire Jewish Journal blog site for 4-days straight in 2012, with 100, 000 views collected in just a few hours of time.  She is a contributing essayist for Living Jewishly: A Snapshot of a Generation, a project of the Spertus Institute’s Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies program that is a collection of personal essays and memoirs from Jewish 20 and 30-somethings from across the country (think Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul meets Jewcy). She has written and performed a poetic interpretation of the v'ahavta for audiences in California and Israel, and has been featured in Haaretz. Tera* remixed the Hatikvah in 2009.

She is a Moishe House alumna, 2010-2011 Birthright Israel NEXT Community Engagement Fellow, Bend The Arc Jeremiah Fellow (2011-2012) and a Keshet Training Institute for Jewish Educators participant (2009).  With the help of such amazing mentorship and training gathered from programs such as the above, Tera Greene created a Queer Open Mic and Film Night series that highlights Jewish filmmakers, poets and cinematic themes/characters/storylines and a Food Justice Matinee series in late 2011.  These events are held at the SoCal Workmen's Circle / Arbeter Ring, where Ms. Greene is a board member. 

When she is not being an artist/activist (artivist), she helps people make, manage and save money with her business, WakeUpNow.  She is passionate about eradicating the idea of a starving artist, so she searched high and low and found an amazing opportunity that is helping her put truth to power.  She has learned a lot about marketing and promotions via her work as a brand ambassador and consultant to lifestyle brands/companies since 2003. Tera is a vegetarian of over a decade and half, she is an ardent volunteer and she has been a dog-walker/pet-sitter for many beloved animals. 

Oh, and she wears a cape when it's time to make beats in the studio.


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